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Hide picture - hide video 1.0 for Android

Hide picture - hide video 1.0 for Android

Hide picture - hide video 1.0 for Android
Saturday, December 29, 2018
Hide picture and hide video
Picture and video hidden application help you hold pictures, video which you don’t want other person view. 
Our picture and video hidden application is designed with many convenient, easy to use and private. 
Hide picture and video is two main function in this application. You can easy to select picture from gallery to hide them. Only you who can see picture, video which you hided in application. Because application using password lock to lock application. When open application you must enter keypad lock then you can see picture, video in application. Fantastic, right!

Main function:
- Hide photos, hide videos and hide any other types of files
- The hidden files are all encrypted
- Open application and choose picture, video in gallery to hide picture, video
- Easy to create new folder in application to you can classify picture which you want hide
- You can change name of folder if you want
- Set up pin code to lock application when the first you open application
- You can change pin lock of application simply in settings section
- Unhide easy

- Support hiding and playing GIF images 
- You can choose unhide all of the picture, video or select unhide one by one picture, video
- Arrange folders is easy and convenient, you can change folders layout
- Application design is beautiful, color is harmony
- You can delete picture, video permanently from this application
- You can view picture, video from application which other person can’t view
- You can share picture or video for your friend or delete picture
- You can using picture to make wallpaper for your phone.

Hide picture - hide video 1.0 for Android
4/ 5

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