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Superhero Strange War Hero v3.0 [MOD Money]

Superhero Strange War Hero v3.0 [MOD Money]

Superhero Strange War Hero v3.0 [MOD Money]
Monday, December 24, 2018
Superhero Strange War Hero (MOD Money) - mobile action, inviting us to become a super soldier. Here we will become a fighter for peace, a modern weapon against terrorism and other threats that await US civilians. Our character is an unknown fighter of an elite unit who has become a volunteer in a scientific military experiment. He will have a suit of a spiderman we know, but he has many different innovations and technical 

Missions will be a different plan, ranging from capture of terrorists, and ending with rescue of captured allies. Among your attributes for battles will be inhuman speed, strength, endurance, and diverse devices. To expand them you need to cope with various threats or simply install a hacked version. Project is quite atypical, both in terms of plot and gameplay solutions, which allows you to look at the seemingly familiar story from a different angle. Become a hero for your country and eliminate all opponents.

Superhero Strange War Hero v3.0 [MOD Money]
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