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T.D.Z. 2 Premium v1.0.5 [Full]

T.D.Z. 2 Premium v1.0.5 [Full]

T.D.Z. 2 Premium v1.0.5 [Full]
Monday, December 24, 2018

T.D.Z. 2 Premium (Full) 
is an unusual quest telling the post-apocalyptic story of two comrades. Virtual world prepares for you a huge number of tests that will check how true you are to your beliefs. Caught during an explosion of the Chernobyl station in one of the reactors, you and your comrade are trying to avoid the effects of radiation. However, you soon realize that a friend is injured, and you do not have medicines to cure him.

Tasks of a gamer are reduced to the implementation of various kinds of quests and searching for objects. From time to time you will find notes pointing the way. You will have to enter the premises and explore the area, but remember that you are far from alone here. Everywhere mutants are scurrying around, who may already be approaching you. Try to avoid encounters with the creatures that you will see on the journey, otherwise the outcome of this acquaintance can be deplorable. Find medicines for your friend 
before it's too late.

T.D.Z. 2 Premium v1.0.5 [Full]
4/ 5

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