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Voice Calculator 2.3 APK

Voice Calculator 2.3 APK

Voice Calculator 2.3 APK
Friday, December 21, 2018
Voice Calculator is very amusing app of your android and voice activated calculator is most running app. Calculator is basic need of life most probably for working people, for students of engineering, teachers, for clerical work and for other such purposes like carpenter on shops markets fast calculation is done on daily basis. So for all calculator users, this best voice calculator free is a finest fast calculator.

How to use:
Step 1. Click on Tap to Speak.
Step 2. Instructions to use.
# To calculate addition(+) speak "plus".
like to do 8+1, say: eight plus one.
# To calculate subtraction(-) speak "minus".
like to do 5-1 say: five minus one.
# To calculate multiplication(*) speak "multiplied by". 
like to do 6*3 say: six multiplied by three.
# To calculate division(/) speak "divided by".
like to do 7/3 say: seven divided by three.
Step 3. Tap to calculate to get result.
Step 4. Tap on speaker to hear the result.
* for better result use microphone.

Voice Calculator 2.3 APK
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