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World Of Pirate Ships v3.4 [MOD Free Shopping]

World Of Pirate Ships v3.4 [MOD Free Shopping]

World Of Pirate Ships v3.4 [MOD Free Shopping]
Monday, December 24, 2018

World Of Pirate Ships (MOD Free Shopping) 
atmospheric adventure action, offering users to turn into brave captains of pirates. Project impresses with its capabilities, realistic and diverse combat units. In many ways, app is similar to King of Sails: Royal Navy, however, in our case, emphasis is solely on the opposition. You must improve the properties of your vessel so that it can destroy any threats that lurk in the mysterious seas.

Gameplay offers you to plunge into the world of deadly fights against other users. Multiplayer battles are quite dynamic and challenging, since each participant definitely has several trump cards up his sleeve. Ten players participate in one round at a time, and the battles will last only ten minutes. This time is not enough to win over all users, so you should initially give everything to the fullest. Buy guns and improve the speed of your transport to turn it into a perfect machine for destruction.

World Of Pirate Ships v3.4 [MOD Free Shopping]
4/ 5

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