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Deep Impact Xmas Edition [vEp. 1] (Latest)

Deep Impact Xmas Edition [vEp. 1] (Latest)

Deep Impact Xmas Edition [vEp. 1] (Latest)
Friday, January 4, 2019
After you receive a call from your school doctor she introduces you to a new type of drug that she developed, it apparently triggers certain instincts in a woman that gives them the need to reproduce and getting breed by whoever is close to them during the effect of the drug. The MC (you) now has a lot of power in his hands and can’t wait to try it out on the next best girl he can think of.

This is a separate game, meaning you don’t need to have you’re save 
from the main game Deep Impact Xmas Edition APK Download to play it.​

Release Date: 2018-12-23
Developer: VCProductions Patreon – Discord
Censored: no
Version: 1.0

OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Language: English
Main Game: Deep Impact

Deep Impact Xmas Edition [vEp. 1] (Latest)
4/ 5

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