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Minna Kotoba 1.3 for Android

Minna Kotoba 1.3 for Android

Minna Kotoba 1.3 for Android
Saturday, January 5, 2019

This App is studying Japanese friends in the country. Minna book offers over 2 terms. So from 1 up to 50 rooms. N5, N4 friends will certainly useful.

To distinction App
- vocabulary memorizing drink revolver
- click on the words on each visit to appear in English study
Ability to mark favorite vocabulary terms (long press on the store, remove)
- App leave the room before use, although it again last crawled place automatically marked
Zawgyi given font Unicode font support, as well as lack of a Myanmar font phones Zawgyi embed, to be used by the No On

- the terms of Chapter 50's, Japan, English is not easy to find
- Japanese pronunciation (using Android TextToSpeech Setting> Language & Input> Text-to-speech output> Google TTS voice data> Japanese downloaded putting Minna Kotoba, just click on the vocabulary and pronunciation)
- * Android version 2.3 or above since given support

Minna Kotoba 1.3 for Android
4/ 5

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