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PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game]

PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game]

PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game]
Saturday, January 5, 2019
Download PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game] - There are still many who like to play PES PPSSPP games, therefore, there is this opportunity, the admin will share one texture for PES PPSSPP. You could say this is a mod. There are a lot of texture pull features and save data this time, of course the transfers have been updated. Graphics are pretty good because this is also a PSP game and the size of the PES game is quite large, but for texture and save data is only small. Come immediately download 
PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game]

Title : PES 2018-19 PPSSPP
Category : PES PPSSPP, Texture
Size : 970 Mb
Password : androidtean.com

How To Install :
1. Download the file below
2. Extract the file using the RAR application (ZArchive, RAR, File Explorer or others)
3. Move SAVEDATA to PSP Folder -> SAVEDATA
4. Move the TEXTURE to the PSP Folder -> TEXTURE
5. Open the PPSSPP Mod texture app, open the PES
6. Enjoy

1.PPSSPP Emulator  Gold or Emulator easy for Android
2. PPSSPP Emulator  for iPhone (info how to install)
Password : androidtean.com

PES 2018-19 PPSSPP [Update New Game]
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