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FIFA Soccer 12.3.02 Full Apk Sports Game

FIFA Soccer 12.3.02 Full Apk Sports Game

FIFA Soccer 12.3.02 Full Apk Sports Game
Saturday, February 2, 2019
After FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17, EA Sports developed a new Soccer game- 
FIFA Mobile Soccer. You can build and manage your soccer team and operate everything 
on the mobile because FIFA Mobile Soccer is specially designed for mobile. In Attack Mode, challenge others. In Leagues, play with friends. Meanwhile, get everyday latest content 
and try a totally new approach to squad building.

Halloween special.
If you also enjoy playing FIFA Mobile Soccer, good news is that the game is now officially running its Scream Team Halloween program. You can earn Trick and Treat Tokens when completing Scream Team Live Events, find Halloween-themed Players items, and then complete Plans to unlock a special edition Master Elite Player item. Just wait for the new version to come.

FIFA Soccer 12.2.03 Update
Welcome to our most exciting program – Team of the Year – where you can amplify your roster with the world’s best players!
• First, play Skill Games which earn you TOTY points
• Exchange TOTY Points to earn Attacker, Defender, or Midfielder Points
• Finally, redeem these Position Points for TOTY Nominee and Starter Players
We’ll release new TOTY Chapters and Rewards early in the program, so check back often. Have fun and see you on the pitch!

FIFA Soccer 12.3.02 Full Apk Sports Game
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