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God Eater 2 (Japan) ISO Download

God Eater 2 (Japan) ISO Download

God Eater 2 (Japan) ISO Download
Saturday, February 2, 2019
Blood Arts
The Blood Arts are one of the new additions in the game. Blood Arts are “attack add-on” that can augment normal attacks of all manner into an even stronger attack, thus making it either unlock new Blood Arts, or convert existing one into a much stronger variant. Raising a Blood Art’s proficiency requires going on newer missions and completing it, thus finishing a mission with a higher rank gives more experience points to the currently equipped Blood Art, as well as the other Blood Arts of the same variant.

Character Episodes
Character Episodes are one of the newest features in the game. Throughout the game, players can interact with various characters and NPCs, though they asked you to accept their invitation to a mission. Completing it will give players additional gameplay bonuses, such as materials, items, and even additional Blood Arts for some of the main characters.

Link Support Device
Unlocked through Character Episodes, this gameplay of God Eater 2 Download feature allow players to gain status effects in battle under a certain parameter, such as gaining 10% additional attack power to all attacks when the player’s health reaches 25% of its remaining health. This is done so by equipping a “Link Device” of one of your allies’ God Arc (Jinki in the Japanese release), as well as your own. However, there’s a limit of points that you can use to equip one, since the total limit is at 100 cap points, equipping a Link Device consumes 50-60 cap points.

===== How To Install =====
  1. Download the file below
  2. Extract the file using the RAR application (ZArchiveRARFile Explorer or Others)
  3. Game ISO rom, run the emulator and select your ISO.
  4. Play and enjoy the game ...
Game File Size: 1.1gb
Password : androidtean.com

God Eater 2 (Japan) ISO Download
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