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Marie 2 APK v0.1 Android APK

Marie 2 APK v0.1 Android APK

Marie 2 APK v0.1 Android APK
Thursday, February 14, 2019
Marie 2 My Best Friend “Tomorrow” [First release]
Marie is a 200% porn game.
Marie is not a serious game, it’s a fiction and dialogues can be hard.
The spirit of the game remains the same.
A lot of sex, nothing serious and a bit of humor.

Updated: 7-Sep-2018
Developer/Publisher: DDfunlol
Censorship: None
Version: First release
Language: English

Genre: Female protagonist, Cheating, cuckold, sharing.
This is a beta, it contains errors:
-There are also missing as things:
Introduction, music, sounds etc…
-Some words were not modified: call / phone.

In the version final (Not this one), the dialogues were altered because the first minutes of the game can be difficult to understand for someone who has never played. The sequel to the game were simplified for better understanding of story. I hope that this new 
version will please you as well as the gameplay.

CAUTION: don’t go into the shops, you may be stuck.

Marie 2 APK v0.1 Android APK
4/ 5

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