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VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings v4.0.1 [Paid] APK

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings v4.0.1 [Paid] APK

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings v4.0.1 [Paid] APK
Friday, February 22, 2019
VSD Viewer – Professional Visio Drawings Viewer for Android.
View any MS Visio drawing with VSD Viewer.
VSD Viewer opens and renders Visio Drawings of VSD, VDX, VSDX 
formats. VSDX and VSD 2013 drawing formats are supported as well!

• Open and preview any MS Visio 2000-2013 VSD drawing
• Preview drawings of VDX/VSDX file format
• Scroll, zoom and navigate multipage documents
• Copy drawings’ texts
• View complex formatted objects: lines, fill, color, gradients, text formatting, text subscript and superscript, tabulated text*
• Switch documents guides visibility
• View documents with hidden objects
• View objects placed outside page boundaries
• View original dimension units
• Built-in metafiles supported
• Page numbering supported
• Support of MS VISIO 2013 THEMES

• Preview Hidden Layers
• Switch Layers Visibility
• Preview Objects Shape Data
* Tabulated texts are generally used for technical diagrams as a part of object’s and document’s frames
** VSD Viewer allows you to preview complex multilayered drawings and switch layers visibility
VSD Viewer is Android 4.0 compatible.

Current versions restrictions:
• Processing of huge documents and documents with multiple images may take time.
• Built-in metafiles rendering requires internet connection. Metafiles are sent to remote server for rendering.

Your ideas and feedbacks are highly appreciated at support@nektony.com. Looking forward hearing from you!
Microsoft, Visio are registered trademarks of Microsoft corp.

What’s New
Improved displaying numbers in the text fields.
Added support for colors in the layers.
Improved rendering drawings with customized scale.
Added rounding corners for rectangle displaying.
Improved displaying of Shape Data.
Improved displaying of shape text.
Improved Visio Themes support.
Improved MS Visio 2000 drawings support.

VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings v4.0.1 [Paid] APK
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