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TheoTown City Simulation 1.6.06 | Mod Money

TheoTown City Simulation 1.6.06 | Mod Money

TheoTown City Simulation 1.6.06 | Mod Money
Friday, March 15, 2019

Become a great mayor by building and expanding your own city!
Declare zones for residential, commercial and industrial areas. Expand them using your permanent income.

★ Grow your city to unlock more contents
★ Connect your cities to other cities in the region
★ Realistic traffic simulation; solve traffic issues
★ Control speed of time
★ Build parks and schools to improve living standard of your inhabitants
★ Control operational cars to extinguish fires, solves crimes and prevent epidemics
★ Free mode for experiments without money
★ Share screenshots of your city within the game
★ Plugin Store to expand your game's content with hundreds of plugins
★ No internet connection needed

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TheoTown City Simulation 1.6.06 | Mod Money
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