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Aurora Store v3.0.3 + [Lite Mod] APK

Aurora Store v3.0.3 + [Lite Mod] APK

Aurora Store v3.0.3 + [Lite Mod] APK
Friday, April 19, 2019
Aurora Store MOD APK The ability to download and install programs from the PlayStore without depending on the Play Market application and google services. Is fork of the program Yalp Store in the style of material design 2.0 and some additional features. YalpStore is a very well coded app, but it lacks Material Design, Sergey Yeriomin has clearly mentioned he will not redo UI/UX changes as his intention is to support devices from Android 2.x to 8.x which is perfectly fine. Adding up new Material UI Libraries will increase the app size, which would defeat its purpose in context of older devices.
Also in an attempt to have wider device support the YalpStore uses some depreciated Android Libraries/Methods which have
(minor) Security/MemoryLeak issues.

Some of us try to avoid GooglePlayServices as much as possible, because of the MemoryUsage/StorageSpace/Privacy/UnwantedUpdates.
But not all of us use Devices with Lower RAM and InternalMemory, so I thought of redesigning YalpStore
I renamed the YalpStore to Aurora to avoid any ambiguity that may arise.
In Aurora I will try my best to solve this issues, and provided a clean material design.

What’s New: 
Changelog : v3.0.3 (Nightly 18-Apr-2019 00:01)
Sort app list in ascending order of app name
Enforced proxy network on download requests
Show update size in updatable app list
Disable quick notification completely if notifications are turned off
• and more..
✔ Cleaned and eased
✔ Compress / Ultra Compress and remove duplicate graphics are not applied

Aurora Store v3.0.3 + [Lite Mod] APK
4/ 5

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