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Chess Time® Pro - Multiplayer APK

Chess Time® Pro - Multiplayer APK

Chess Time® Pro - Multiplayer APK
Friday, April 12, 2019
Ad-Free version of Chess Time for Android.
There are no other differences from the Ad version. 

- Play online.
- Play against your friends, multiplayer 
- Game level chat! 
- Account based! 
- History of recent games played! 
- Rating auto calculated. 
- Export your game moves and share with a friend! Standard PGN format for use in PGN viewers.

Recent change history: - forgot username feature.
on move screen can email image of board (and draw arrow on board) - added option for expanded time format - added review of board for draw request. - enhanced friends list - re-added blue / white board colors - friends list will sort by name but can be changed in 
the option screen for rating sort.

Chess Time® Pro - Multiplayer APK
4/ 5

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