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ChordProg Ear Trainer 5.0.4 | Unlocked APK

ChordProg Ear Trainer 5.0.4 | Unlocked APK

ChordProg Ear Trainer 5.0.4 | Unlocked APK
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Are you a music student or maybe a happy amateur? Maybe you’re dreaming of being a musician? Or you want to create music? Maybe you want to be able to figure out to play the tunes buzzing around in your head. Or pick up a song you heard on the radio?
ChordProg Ear Trainer takes a fresh approach to ear training. Develop your aural skills with real music snippets. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to listen to a song, recognize each chord by ear, then play them? 

We are not talking about absolute pitch but relative pitch. This app takes a functional ear training approach to ear training. This is a practice tool that will help you pass that college/conservatory exam in no time. Practice to recognize chord progression in the context of real music. 

ChordProg Ear Trainer is a call and response harmonic dictation app for the intermediate to advanced musician. Each audio clip is played back for you as many times as you like. You can even strip away all the melodies and only hear the chord progression in 1st inversion if you feel like you’re just guessing blindly at any given point

There are around 400 unique audio clips and more to come. 
Hours and hours of chord practice with real music.

ChordProg Ear Trainer 5.0.4 | Unlocked APK
4/ 5

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