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Cut Paste Photos v7.9.5 [Pro] APK

Cut Paste Photos v7.9.5 [Pro] APK

Cut Paste Photos v7.9.5 [Pro] APK
Friday, April 19, 2019
Cut Paste Photos
Create custom photos by cutting from photos and paste the content (People, Animals, whatever object you want in your photos) in other photos. Create new photos with content.
Want to Swap Faces? Cut one face and Paste it on the Other. Want to Remove Photo Background? Cut the people out and put them on another background. Want to Remove People from Photos? This is the App for you.
Missed someone in a family Photo? Add them into photos without the need professional 

photo editing tools. Best Copy Paste Tool for Photos.
Cut Paste Photos comes with 4 Main Photo Tools :
  • Cut Photos: Cut Photos where you want to cut a part of Photo or Extract a person from Photo Background. Ideal for Face Swap and Face Changer.
  • Advanced Photo Editor: Edit the Cut photos to make cut Photos Sharp. Ideal to Remove people or  Objects from photos.
  • Paste On Photos: Paste the Cut Photos on any backgrounds from your gallery. Add yourself in Famous  Places or in photos with famous people.
  • Photo Collages: Create your own Collages with cut photos pasted on our Custom backgrounds to create Photo Collages without Grids to make Freeform Collages.

New Cut Paste Photo Editor Tools added :
  • Cut Paste Photos Effects like Photo Filters including Sepia, Black and White Photo Effects, Old Photo Effects  are now part of Cut Paste Photo Editor.
  • Cut Paste Photo Editor Tools include Photo Effects like Flip Photo Vertically and Flip Photo Horizontally.
  • Move Changed Photo Backgrounds to Gallery Photo Tool.

What’s New
Copy Paste Collages can now have Solid backgrounds, Photo Backgrounds.
Mirror Effects can have your own backgrounds, Move Mirrored Objects and more features.
Improved Stability.
One time discount before change to ML Based Background eraser.
Downloads : PRO features unlocked

Cut Paste Photos v7.9.5 [Pro] APK
4/ 5

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