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PADC - Pro Android Dev Course 2.6.2 APK

PADC - Pro Android Dev Course 2.6.2 APK

PADC - Pro Android Dev Course 2.6.2 APK
Sunday, April 7, 2019
You can browse the final projects from Professional Android Developer Course (PADC) which I created and held in Phandeeyar, vote the projects you like & try-out Beta versions of those Projects. The two projects that get the highest public-voting would receive a gift from PADC Course Management Team (public voting period has finished).

You can also check out the Talk I gave in DevFest Yangon 2016 (Road to becoming Professional Android Developer at International Level). The scope for the talk is tremendously wide. So, I have divided the talk into sub-topics and put it into the App so that audience could digest each sub-topic in their own time.

OCIEW (One-Chapter-In-Every-Week) Initiative. A system that would help learners to keep up the pace for learning Android. It's just introduction to the idea to the public. If the interest rate is high-enough, it will be implemented.

PADC - Pro Android Dev Course 2.6.2 Update
- New Look & Feel in User Data Section under Right Menu.
- New bubble menu for additional resources.
- Android Dev on Twitter section.
- browse the Android Dev Tweets.
- open the link of the Tweets in Details (Chrome Custom Tabs).
- save the Tweets.
- (Login with own Twitter Account).
- Design in Android App section.
- Early Sign-up.

PADC - Pro Android Dev Course 2.6.2 APK
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