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ShakeToUnlock 1.08 APK

ShakeToUnlock 1.08 APK

ShakeToUnlock 1.08 APK
Sunday, April 21, 2019
Use sensors to lock\unlock the screen in an easy and immediate way.
Particularly useful for those who have a non-original cover or a broken power button.

Limited battery consumption.

********* PROXIMITY SENSOR' *********

LOCK - Goodbye involuntary actions while the device is in yout pocket.
UNLOCK- You won't have to press the power to unlock the phone!
LOCK AND UNLOCK - The cover will work as a switch, while with a gesture it is possible to invert the screen state.
The power button will be active to allow you to see notifications through a transparent cover.

Warning: A magnetic cover that already supports interaction with the
screen may interfere with this app.
ShakeToUnlock 1.08 Update
Bug fix

ShakeToUnlock 1.08 APK
4/ 5

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