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WiFi & Mobile Data Switch 1.8 APK

WiFi & Mobile Data Switch 1.8 APK

WiFi & Mobile Data Switch 1.8 APK
Thursday, April 25, 2019
Wi-Fi & Mobile Data Switch - is a simple toggle widget forturning

WiFi and Mobile Data ON/OFF.Are you looking for a widgetwhich will allow you to have a control over WiFi and Mobile Datasimultaneously? If yes, this is exactly what you need! The widgetitself is easy to use and always displays the current state ofconnection.

It has a beautiful Android style with a slightlytransparent background, therefore fitting in perfectly on anyscreen, without being too intrusive.!!! IMPORTANT !!!Switchingmobile data on and off is only available from Settings screen sinceAndroid 5.0! We are very sorry, but currently not able to provideother solution than a screen-redirection.***After install, you canfind the widget along with others, either by long-pressing homescreen or
by navigating to Widgets tab in menu (depends on thedevice).----*
Feel free to email me in case of any issues!

WiFi & Mobile Data Switch 1.8 APK
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