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Chord Pickout 1.09 [Paid]

Chord Pickout 1.09 [Paid]

Chord Pickout 1.09 [Paid]
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Just load an audio file and you've got the chords. It's that easy! With Chord Pickout, guitar, piano, ukulele, bass and banjo players can get chords to any song right away. Just open any song from your music library, sit back and relax. Chord Pickout uses all the power of artificial intelligence to recognize the chords for you, transcribe the music and produce the score. All that is completely automatic.

* Picks up chords of any music composition stored in your device
* Displays major, minor and seventh chords
* Scrolls the score to help you play along with the song

* Although the recognized chords are very close,
they may not exactly match the original score.
Only major, minor and major seventh chords are recognized.
Complex notations such as add9 or sus4 are not displayed.
Install Chord Pickout now to get the chords to any song!

Chord Pickout 1.09 [Paid]
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