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Cyber Hunter 0.100.130 APK MOD for (All Android Devices)

Cyber Hunter 0.100.130 APK MOD for (All Android Devices)

Cyber Hunter 0.100.130 APK MOD for (All Android Devices)
Sunday, May 12, 2019
Cyber Hunter APK MOD’s beta has just started and their servers will be active from 19th October to 26th October. so what you have to do here is test out their beta and send them your suggestions. Cyber Hunter MOD APK will be a next big thing on android because of its unique gameplay. This game is from Chinese developer NetEase, and makers of rules and survival and creative destruction. It’s a brand new battle royale game with unique gameplay and skill based actions.

You have all idea about the battle royale games right. Never stopping blue circle and a play area where you needs to be. The MAP of Cyber Hunter APK MOD is huge around 6×6 sized MAP,Game starts with jumping from the futuristic plane and dropping on your favorite area. once you have landed you will need to find supplies and survive as long as you can and be the last man standing. Here you can do all things like gliding with your Ghost like gadget,Swim your way or drive destructive vehicles.

Here you can gather materials for the Drone which can help you spy on your enemies. or you can use those materials to build your cover or stage to shoot enemies. Just like Fortnite if you know. Here most interesting part is that you can crawl your way to the top of any building just like spider-man. Here is another amazing feature is about character creation which makes it more appealing. if you like playing Battle Royale games then you will surely like Cyber Hunter APK MOD as well.

How to Install Cyber Hunter Mod Apk:
1. Install CyberHunter.APK
2. Place obb in Android/Obb/ and
3. Play.

Cyber Hunter 0.100.130 APK MOD for (All Android Devices)
4/ 5

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