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Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro 4.1 (AdFree) APK

Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro 4.1 (AdFree) APK

Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro 4.1 (AdFree) APK
Friday, May 10, 2019
Double Tap Off / ON is an application that helps you protect the power button.
Double Tap OFF also allows you to turn off the screen quickly by touching the
Home screen twice. Just a touch to lock and turn off the screen.
Sometimes difficult to press the power button or you want to preserve the physical power button. The Smart Screen On Off app and the feed head float can help minimize the use of the power button anytime and anywhere.

★ Different types of buttons:
- Show on the home screen
- Show in the notification
- Float on other apps!

- Double-tap the home screen to turn off the screen.
- Cover the proximity sensor to turn on the screen (if it is not press Always visible).
- Double-tap the Always On power icon to activate the screen.
- Provide a lock screen shortcut on the home screen.

- Open the Double Tap Off application.
- Select the Uninstall button to uninstall the application.

This application uses Device Administrator authorization. It is needed and used only to lock the device when using the application. You must enable the administration
before you can use it. In addition you must disable administration
before you can uninstall.

Double Tap Screen On and Off Pro 4.1 (AdFree) APK
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