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Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.6 [Restored/All Devices]

Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.6 [Restored/All Devices]

Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.6 [Restored/All Devices]
Saturday, May 11, 2019
Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.6 [Restored/All Devices]
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: The darkness wakened and the evil came to Gothicus lands. 
Disperse darkness over your kingdom, tell the truth about those 
awful events and win against the dark queen who keeps the whole 
kingdom in horror... 

the queen whom you loved.
Throughout the whole game you will investigate Gothicus huge and mysterious world and carry out various tasks and quests. Choose a hero: a robber operating silently, a knight with a sward as his favorite weapon or a magician wizard using secret spells! Develop and improve your hero. The game possesses magnificent graphics, a set of effects, convenient control system and a fascinating plot.
  1. Install apk, 
  2. unpack data to sdcard/gameloft/games/DungeonHunter

What's New: Update: Compatibility with all 
GPUs and screens, one apk for all devices.
Compatibility: Android ICS and up, all resolutions, all GPUs.
Info: v3.5.6 based on the Galaxy Tab version (PowerVR).

Dungeon Hunter HD v3.5.6 [Restored/All Devices]
4/ 5

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