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Hero Of Sparta HD Offline For Android

Hero Of Sparta HD Offline For Android

Hero Of Sparta HD Offline For Android
Sunday, May 12, 2019
Welcome to Ancient Sparta. You wake up on the mysterious island and understand that your team was lost, and the ship is on a seabed. You understand that gods of the Olympus played an evil joke with you. But you are a brave Spartan who will be able to resist to intrigues of gods up to the end. Pass through hordes of monsters and mythical beings which you know only from books on stories. The game differs with really beautiful cut-scenes which will let us know that we are something in comparison with myths and legends. Magnificent music which accompanies us on the whole game extent, won't allow us to relax even for a second. Hero Of Sparta is a game which possesses fine graphics sated with subject line, various soldiers, historical sense, good physics.

  1. Install APK,
  2.  unpack data to sdcard/gameloft/games/hos

Update: Multitouch fix, all resolutions.
Compatibility: Android ICS and up, all devices, all GPU's.                                               
Info: v1.1.4 based on the Acer A500 version (Tegra 2)

Hero Of Sparta HD Offline For Android
4/ 5

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