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Re Village 1.4 Full Offline

Re Village 1.4 Full Offline

Re Village 1.4 Full Offline
Sunday, May 5, 2019
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Tells about a child who was given a house by his grandfather, so he must live independently.
in this game you have to pay attention to your stamina and your level of hunger, and maintain your finances,

some of the features available in this game are:
• Hunger and Stamina
• Time system
• Farming System (8 Plants)
• Fisihing & Drilling System
• Daily Quest
• Relationships (can get married and have kids)
• NPC Schudle
• Large map
• Monthly events
• and many other things

How to play:
• There are 2 types, namely TouchMode and GamepadMode
• To return from the menu, press Tap with two fingers

• OS: Android 5.0 ++
• CPU: 1,4 GHz +
• GPU: Must support WebGl 2.0 (http://webglreport.com/?v=2)

New update Version 1.4
– Add Event Board in Home
– Season Seeds and Season Selling
– Added 2 Rare Fish + 8 Recepe Cooking + 5 ingredients ..
– Licenses Fishing
– Fishing algorithm change (different time different fish)
– You can sell all fish in summer, fall and winter Season
– Auto Fishing and Mining

– Tax System
– Time Hud Small change..
– You can sell the results of your cooking to the bar
Thanks for supporting us..
You can give suggestions for future updates via our email

Re Village 1.4 Full Offline
4/ 5

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