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RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Playstation 2

RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Playstation 2

RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Playstation 2
Friday, May 24, 2019
Resident Evil 4 is a major change from the previous installments. Instead of a fixed third person perspective, the game features a new "behind the back" movement camera angle and an "over the shoulder" aiming feature that allows players to control their gun movement for specific body part hits. It features a brand new AI system and more open environments that allow enemies to work together to capture and corner Leon. Enemies are now humans, which allows them to climb up ladders, open doors, and use weapons throughout the game.
The entire item system has also been revamped, so that smaller items no longer require an entire item space to hold. Instead, items take up blocks of space in a briefcase according to their real life size, to allow for many more items and weapons. Leon can collect treasure from enemies or from the surrounding area, and visit the infamous "merchant" to purchase bigger briefcases, treasure maps, weapons upgrades, and powerful weapons such as the one-shot RPG.

Platform: PlayStation 2
Genre: Action Adventure » Survival
Developer/Publisher: Capcom
Release: October 25, 2005

===== How To Install =====
  1. Download the file below
  2. Extract the file using the RAR application (ZArchiveRARFile Explorer or Others)
  3. Install PS2 Emulator,Download PS2 BIOS
  4. Play and enjoy the game ...
File Size: 3.08 GB
Password : androidtean.com

RESIDENT EVIL 4 - Playstation 2
4/ 5

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