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SB Game Hacker v5.2 APK

SB Game Hacker v5.2 APK

SB Game Hacker v5.2 APK
Wednesday, May 22, 2019

SB Game Hacker Features
If your Android device meets the required system configuration, you may like to proceed to a further level. Now, before you dive into the downloading section, you may like to know the SB Game Hacker APKfeatures.

1: Fuzzy Search – Fuzzy search provides the relevant or relative search results to the required search argument even when you mistakenly typed the wrong text and the text has no existence. For example, if you mistakenly type “cons” instead of “Coins”, the fuzzy result will still provide you “Coins” related results.
2: Search Accuracy – For any game you are playing, if your required item value does not meet the amount you need, you can simply search the item value through SB Game Hacker, edit the current item value or amount replacing by a larger amount, the real amount will be automatically changed to the edited amount. You would never need to pay for any extra coins or gems whatever game you play.
3: Floating Point/ Decimal – If your game data is not measured in Integer number, that is between 0 and 4294967295, you will not be able to search in Fuzzy mode.
4: Multiple Language Support – SB Game Hacker Supports several languages such as English, Chinese, Chinese, etc.
5: Hacking Facility – SB Game Hacker APK is capable of hacking the Android games only. All kind of Android game can be easily hacked by SB Game Hacker APK. Note: When you launch the app, initially the default language will be shown as Japanese. Once you are received a license, the default language will be automatically changed to English for better user experience.

SB Game Hacker v5.2 APK
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