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Smart Touch (Easy Touch - Assistive Touch) 3.0.8 APK

Smart Touch (Easy Touch - Assistive Touch) 3.0.8 APK

Smart Touch (Easy Touch - Assistive Touch) 3.0.8 APK
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Smart Touch is an easy touch, assistive touch tool which using a powerful floating ball on the screen to use frequent shortcuts, functions or application quickly and easily.
Smart Touch also provides one hand feature to perform physical key easily.
It supports some other useful features such as: Screen shot (Screen capture), Screen Recording, Ram booster (Ram Cleaner). You can also quickly access to all your favorite shortcuts, favorite applications, games, settings and quick toggle too.

In another hand, Smart touch seems to be a type of Smart Intelligent Assistant. It is very useful for big screen smart phone.

Assistive Touch for Android
- Virtual Home key
- Virtual Back key
- Virtual Power key (Android 5.0 up)
- Virtual Volume key, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
- Virtual Recent Panel key
- Virtual Volume Up/Down key
- Ram booster and clean memory. Speed up your device and save battery from your home screen.

Quick Access (Quick launching)
- Easy touch to open your favorite application
- Direct opening application from circle menu
- Direct opening shortcuts (Direct calls, Direct message, Direct contact...)
- Direct to control quick settings

Advanced tools
- Easy touch to screen recording, supporting attached image or
 fron camera (included audio form mic, media system) (Require Android 5.0 and above)
- Easy touch to screen shot ((Require Android 5.0 and above)
- SOS signal

Smart Touch (Easy Touch - Assistive Touch) 3.0.8 APK
4/ 5

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