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Super Mario 2 HD + Mod (a lot of money) APK

Super Mario 2 HD + Mod (a lot of money) APK

Super Mario 2 HD + Mod (a lot of money) APK
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
 Next breakout arcade hit Mario Brothers released in 1983 now I don’t necessarily think this one is aged that well but at least we got to meet Luigi for the first time. guru Miyamoto’s next project well both of them would team him up with programmer Takashi Tezuka and sound designer koji kondo before one of their next games could be ready for release. the other was released in Japan for the Famicom on September 13 1985 and for the NES in America on October 18th of the same year it’s name was Super Mario Brothers.

When this game first came out it was a runaway smash for Americans the video game industry was saved super mario brothers showed that video games could be great again and for its efforts to prove that it was rewarded with the honor of being the single best-selling video game.Until we have seen so many remakes and HD versions of super mario. Now we have got Super Mario 2 HD APK MOD on Android which is something different than any other platform-er games.

Unlimited Coins
Characters Unlocked

Name - Super Mario 2 HD
Platform - Android
Game - Offline
Storage - 70 MB

Super Mario 2 HD + Mod (a lot of money) APK
4/ 5

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