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World Conqueror 1945 1.03 Mod [Full Paid]

World Conqueror 1945 1.03 Mod [Full Paid]

World Conqueror 1945 1.03 Mod [Full Paid]
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
 World Conqueror 1945 is a new style strategy game on the background of WWⅡ(Super Risk). In the game depending on troops you can compete for territories such as lands, cities and oceans, further for resources, develop economy and military, conquer enemies’ capitals and destroy the enemies.
During the game you need to operate and distribute the three basic troops reasonably which include soldiers, tanks and artillery.(Soldier troop with high yields but general attack, tank troop with high attack and continue action when complete destroying the enemies, artillery troop attacks soldier troop and tank troop while they cannot strike back),judge on the current situation correctly at any time for the AI is outstanding. The attributes of arms are different from each country. For example, the tank of Germany is most powerful but with high price, the cannon of the Soviet Union is excellent, the navy of Britain is best.

In the game you need to use military cards to cooperate to the battle.
– Soldier Card (produce soldier troops)
– Tank Card (produce tank troops)
– Artillery Card (produce artillery troops)
– Battleship Card (take actions on the sea )
– Fortress Card (cannot move and attack during 3 rounds but improve defending)
– Construction Card (construct territories, improve taxes, highest level can draft army troop )
– Airstrike Card (Air attack the enemy of adjacent territory)
– General Card(equip a general to the troop for enhancing the attacking power)
– Marshal Card(equip a marshal to the troop for enhancing the defending power)
– Special Card (only owned by U.S.A, Germany, Soviet Union, Japan, Britain, France, Italy and used once every 7 rounds.)
Magnificent fighting music and sound can make you feel involvement.

– battle mode and conquest mode
– 243 territories
– 11 belligerent states
– 40 military troops
– 17 military cards
– 5 difficulty levels
– 3 periods and 10 battles
– auto save

World Conqueror 1945 1.03 Mod [Full Paid]
4/ 5

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