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COLINA: Legacy v2 Paid Game Download

COLINA: Legacy v2 Paid Game Download

COLINA: Legacy v2 Paid Game Download
Thursday, September 12, 2019

AWARDS: Best “Let’s Play” Dreamhack Atlanta 2018
About COLINA: Legacy
Alex wakes up in his grandmother’s home. Alone and unsure of where everyone has gone, he begins his escape, the feeling of someone… or something watching him lingering on his mind. Facing the unknown, Alex must make it through the night, and the house, before he loses more than just his mind.

Grandma’s House Awaits…
COLINA: Legacy is an indie horror game with challenging puzzles. Control Alex as he struggles to grasp what has happened when a visit to his grandmother’s house becomes a vacation of terror.

Psychological horror finds a new home when the young Alex wakes to find himself alone and in need of escape. He’ll have to use his wits to get through the terrifying situations set before him.

Escape Room of Terror – The design of COLINA: Legacy was approached with escape rooms in mind. Challenging puzzles await Alex as he explores granny’s house, but the puzzles aren’t the only thing that awaits him on his journey.
Return to Old-School Survival Horror – From the third person camera, to the flashlight as your one true weapon, COLINA: Legacy pays homage to the great survival horror games of the past while making a place for itself in the genre.
Stunning Visuals and Sound – While COLINA: Legacy may have been developed by a very small team, the visuals and audio stand out in league with larger games. COLINA: Legacy is a game to be experienced!

Full 3D Environment
Immersive Audio Soundtrack
Thrilling Horror Experience
Challenging Puzzles
Intuitive Combat
Narrative Experience
Unlock New Glyphs and Loot
Find Out the Truth About Granny

How To Install:
“APK” install it on your device.
com.chance6.colinagame” folder “android / data” copy into.
Enter the game.

COLINA: Legacy v2 Paid Game Download
4/ 5

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