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Dead by Daylight v 0.8.4 APK (Full Version) Download

Dead by Daylight v 0.8.4 APK (Full Version) Download

Dead by Daylight v 0.8.4 APK (Full Version) Download
Monday, September 30, 2019
The famous PC survival game has now made its introductions to the Android platform. Join millions of online gamers as you engage into epic surviving experiences while staying in the wild and being hunted down by devious enemies. Make uses of all the items and equipment that you find along the way to help you deal with the dangerous enemies. Stay alive for as long as possible before tomorrow’s daylight starts to shine.
Dead by Daylight- the long-awaited appearance on the mobile platforms of the famous co-operative multiplayer action with an impressive share of horror. The project is built on the classic precepts of horror. There is a killer that virtually immortal, and there is a group of ordinary people who want to escape from it. All of them, in this case the players. One hunt, others survive and simultaneously searching for a way of salvation. And they just need to work together to get out of rework. But the character with a machete, an ax, a chainsaw and other inventory maniac from the movie should be as cunning and agile, so that no one is left alive.
In Dead by Daylight, players will find the characters in the game extremely important, both the survivors and the killers. With each of them having their own powers and abilities. There will be limitless potentials for each player in the game:

Dwight Fairfield – he is a relatively easy character to start with due to his quirks. Dwight is able to sense the nearby survivors, allowing him to gather with them easily. Plus, he’s also a good leader by giving other members varied buffs in both combats and constructions.
Meg Thomas – being a born athlete, she has all the powers it takes to be the perfect survivor candidate. Having Quick & Quite, Sprint Burst, and Adrenaline, Meg Thomas can allow you to escape the chasing enemies quickly as well as collecting essential equipment much faster.
Claudette Morel – to boost your team’s survivability it’s essential that you have a medic in the team. And in this lost word, having a botanist will make it much easier finding the potent plants that could heal your teammates.
Jake Park – having the suitable quirks, this man is the perfect survivalist that you would want to have on your team. Iron Will, Calm Spirit, and Saboteur, this man is the perfect soldier to fight against the killers.
Along with the four mentioned above, there will be over 13 different characters in the game that you could explore, each having their own powers and abilities.

How To Install:

  • “APK” install it on your device.
  • com.bhvr.deadbydaylight” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  • Enter the game.

Dead by Daylight v 0.8.4 APK (Full Version) Download
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