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Grimvalor 1.0.9 APK (MOD Full Unlocked)

Grimvalor 1.0.9 APK (MOD Full Unlocked)

Grimvalor 1.0.9 APK (MOD Full Unlocked)
Monday, September 9, 2019
Grimvalor APK MOD Full Version is now finally released on Android. After few months of IOS Exclusive this game has now arrived on Android. It reminds of castlevania games. Grimvalor is a freemium game and it has only first chapter playable in its demo version. since its a modded game so Grimvalor APK MOD will give you instant full version unlocked game so that you can play this premium game with all chapters and levels unlocked for free.

The Graphics of Grimvalor MOD APK are really good even better than the castlevania symphony of the night and also has a bit of more dimension. there are times that it appears that you can go up some stairs or into a door but you can’t. it’s just part of the background but it honestly looks really nice. the enemies and the bosses look really good too they could have a little more detail but they still look nice.

The controls of Grimvalor APK MOD are really good when in the touchscreen you have a nice large left and right arrow buttons on the left and a nicely spaced action buttons on the right. The controls are really responsive. once you get used to the controls you won’t have a single problem handling your character. The gameplay is very much mix of Castlevania and a 2d side-scroller. you even get the scary you died sign after you die. the game is a Metroidvania so the objective is to move around these seemingly endless environments with numerous platforms and enemies.

The enemies and boss battles are challenging and rewarding. The gameplay is super fun and worth a playthrough. the music is really strong it’s mostly anthem by the music throughout it and they ramp it up for boss battles and when you’re being the time adds to the environment and we enjoyed a lot. If you want to enjoy fully action side scroller game on android then Grimvalor MOD APK is a perfect game for you.

 How To Install:
APK” install it on your device.
“com.direlight.grimvalor” folder “android / obb” copy into.
Enter the game..

Grimvalor 1.0.9 APK (MOD Full Unlocked)
4/ 5

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