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HD Movie Box: Free Online Movies v1.0.5 [Mod] APK

HD Movie Box: Free Online Movies v1.0.5 [Mod] APK

HD Movie Box: Free Online Movies v1.0.5 [Mod] APK
Monday, September 23, 2019
HD Movie Box is a movie streaming and TV streaming application that offers online movie streaming for the latest movies and series on smartphones and tablets in HD. Movie Box app will give you the ability to watch movies online, and you can also watch series and TV streams as well. So you can use HD Movie Box as a show box app for your free movies and favorite television series, to watch movies online, and enjoy your free TV streaming.

The app lets you watch movie online free app that streams TV and movies for free. You can watch movies online, and enjoy your unlimited TV streaming for free and without restrictions. All you have to do is to be online when using the app.

Watch movies online with or without subtitles. You can enjoy your TV streaming with or without subtitles, so that can turn on or turn off the subtitles, and play subtitles in the language you want.
Easily search and find the best-hidden movies and TV show, using this movie box, you are able to find a lot of shows that you do not know about.
Bookmark your films and TV shows to watch them later. You can easily bookmark your favorite TV shows to access them easily later.

The latest movies and series in HD.
Bookmark movies and series that you want to watch later.
Variety of movies, and TV shows.
Possibility to search for movies and find them.
What’s New:
We fixed some technical issues

★★★ MOD ★★★
Removed useless services
Removed ads
Lots of permissions were disabled
Reduced the size of the apk compared to the play store version
Arm and x86 support
Fixed settings crash

HD Movie Box: Free Online Movies v1.0.5 [Mod] APK
4/ 5

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