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MUA Keyboard 2.3 for Android

MUA Keyboard 2.3 for Android

MUA Keyboard 2.3 for Android
Monday, September 30, 2019
MUA Keyboard - s a keyboard that followed the standard of Unicode. Its output will follow standard of Unicode.org. It also followed the rule of Myanmar basic writing system. Some user ignore errors will be auto correct by this keyboard. Such as Asat +
Dot below, U vowel + Asat, etc.
MUA Keyboard is an Opensource keyboard. Anyone can get the source code.

Main Features 
* Mon, Shan, PaOh, Palaung, Karen (Sgaw, West Pwo, East Pwo), Bamar Keyboards are supported. (Near future, more Myanmar Keyboards will be added)
* Myanmar Unicode output
* Typing as we learn in childhood, "Thin Pone Gyi" and
also can type in "Logical Order" of Unicode sequencing
* Double Tap fast typing
* Delete Single character or One Word per DEL key base on cursor position
* Asat + Dot below sequences auto correct to Dot below + Asat
* Other sequences auto correct
* Get all functional of Myanmar Unicode

Cautions -
* If you have no Unicode compliant Fonts, you can't see output text correctly.
* If your system font is Non-Unicode complaint fonts, you can't see output text correctly.
* Typing is in order of Thin Pone Gyi. So some inconvenience will face because it can't type in visual order.

Welcome any inquiry and suggestions.
Thank you.

MUA Keyboard 2.3 for Android
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