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Subtitled Pro - Subtitle Editor v1.0.9013 [Paid]

Subtitled Pro - Subtitle Editor v1.0.9013 [Paid]

Subtitled Pro - Subtitle Editor v1.0.9013 [Paid]
Thursday, September 26, 2019
The best app for transcribing unscripted videos.
Editing SRT and SBV files should be easy and fast. With Subtitle Pro, you can import, edit, and share SRT and SBV files. Our advanced editor enables you to manually transcribe from YouTube videos and video files on your device.
Subtitled Pro was created by YouTubers who needed to tackle the labor-intensive task of transcribing video files but couldn't find any good tools to do the job already. Necessity is the mother of invention. Because Subtitled Pro was built by YouTubers, its features are tuned for helping other video transcribers work through their videos as quickly as possible. This tool works perfectly as a compliment to YouTube's automatic transcriptions. Download your SBV file from YouTube studio, edit it in the app, and re-upload to YouTube later.
This product is being actively maintained and developed. We want to make this the best subtitle editor app in the world.

- Works with video files from your device
- Works with YouTube videos
- Supports importing/exporting with SBV and SRT files
- Advanced timeline-based editor
- Adjust subtitle position and length with a touch
- Split long subtitles into shorter ones with one click
- Easily merge two subtitles together with one click
- Manage multiple videos
- Manage multiple transcriptions per video
- Annotated timeline shows you where you've added subtitles
- All your data is stored on your device
- When exporting, automatically align subtitles for best performance in playback

Subtitled Pro - Subtitle Editor v1.0.9013 [Paid]
4/ 5

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