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Super Soccer 2020 Android High Graphics

Super Soccer 2020 Android High Graphics

Super Soccer 2020 Android High Graphics
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Super Live is a brand new instant control football competitive mobile game with official FIFPro authorization. Smooth control experience, top quality 3D player model, 2000+ player action using live simulation dynamic capture, real physical collision and force feedback, immersive visual sense for you to restore the flaming green field! The game also has a variety of instant battle modes, qualifying, friendly matches, leagues, guild wars… let you have a hearty green showdown with your friends anytime, anywhere! You can also fight against the top players from all over the world with your own strength, compete for the highest honor, and fully enjoy the pure competitive fun brought by football!

[Innovative control, perfect implementation of tactical intentions]
Based on the classic control mode of the joystick + virtual button, the game is optimized and innovative, and the smooth feel and careful operation make the player’s tactical intentions perform perfectly. Whether it’s an offensive pass, a straight shot, a shot, a defensive end, a shovel, or a switch player, players can use it as they wish. You can also use your own strength to play a variety of exquisite and superb movements such as Marseilles, cycling, over-the-top, and curved balls. Let you freely imagine and play your own style!
[Immediate battle and friends in the field higher]

The game has a variety of instant battle modes, so that you can make a finger-to-head passionate match with your friends anytime, anywhere! The match match is fair, convenient and efficient. Invite your friends with one click, and compete with him with a reasonable lineup and precise transmission control!
[Top quality high-surface model and full motion capture]
High-quality 3D player model is lifelike, 2000+ player action uses live-action simulation dynamic capture, 3D wrap-around game atmosphere, exciting commentary, wonderful real-time HD playback, custom star celebration action restoration… give you immersive Green field!
[Do not worry about the liver, fully enjoy the fun of football]
The game does not smash gold, does not dig pits, and does not require players to get the props and stars they want through cumbersome collection and repeated competitions. Players can rely on their own strength to operate and strategic awareness, and fair and fun confrontation with top players around the world, compete for the highest honors and dreams of reward, enjoy the pure pleasure of football competition!

Super Soccer 2020 Android High Graphics
4/ 5

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