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Guitar Tuner 2.0.9 (MOD: AdFree) APK

Guitar Tuner 2.0.9 (MOD: AdFree) APK

Guitar Tuner 2.0.9 (MOD: AdFree) APK
Thursday, October 3, 2019

Guitar Tuner UX - powerful and easy-to-use guitar tuning app.
This tuner listens and analyzes the sound of your guitar in real time from the built-in mic and shows you how to tune it to achieve professional quality!
If you prefer to tune your guitar by ear - no problem! High-quality samples of real instrument are also included, and app will repeat them until you finish tuning - very useful and absolutely non-distructive.

- Professional automatic and manual modes
- A lot of different alternate guitar tunings for FREE
- High quality sounds of real instrument

- Automatic and manual guitar tuning modes
- A lot of tunings for free
- High quality sounds
- Stylish design

Guitar Tuner 2.0.9 (MOD: AdFree) APK
4/ 5

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