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K keyboard - Myanmar 1.1.8 APK

K keyboard - Myanmar 1.1.8 APK

K keyboard - Myanmar 1.1.8 APK
Thursday, October 24, 2019
•Step1: Press “Enable Keyboard” and select Kkeyboard”
•Step2: Press “Set Default Android Keyboard” set “K keyboard”

•“K keyboard” is working on android version 4.1.1 and up.
•Language "Myanmar(Zg) , Myanmar(Uni) , Shan(Zt) , Shan(Uni) , Paoh(Zg) , Paoh(Uni) , Thai(10key & 12key)"

•Emoji and skin tone
•Translate Button LongPress By Select Language
•Clipboard to Auto Myanmar Text Converter and Favorite
•SmartPopup Myanmar Text Auto Converter
•Background Color.
•Background Wallpaper.
•Suggestion Background Color.
•KeyBoard Key Style.
•Fonts Color.
•Myanmar(Uni) Easily Typing.
- And more...
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-What's New
•ToolBar Customize...
•Add English 5-row....
•Myanmar(Uni) Double tap fix...
•Bugs Fixes...

K keyboard - Myanmar 1.1.8 APK
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