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NewDay-English Speaking

NewDay-English Speaking

NewDay-English Speaking
Friday, October 4, 2019

If you want to improve English-speaking study Just download this app ..
1. Speaking Patterns - Common Speech Pattern

2. Conversation - talk between images
2.1. Images speak in Airport - Airport
2.2. Asking direction - asking pedestrians
2.3. Family - Family Talk
2.4. Health - health and how to talk about
2.5. Hotel - Hotel-speaking
2.6. Job interview - OCCUPATIONAL interview images
2.7. How to talk about the Office of the Office -
2.8. Speaking Phone - Phone Talk
2.9. Shopping - Shopping Talk
2.10. Talking about bank - to talk about the bank
2.11. Talking about bus - bus ride over to talk
3. Listening - listening
4. Proverb - sayings
5. Youtube Video Lessons
6. FB page to learn English lessons
The next Update will include such high-grade lessons.
NewDay-English Speaking 1.0 Update
It is very helpful and effective app for those who are learning English

NewDay-English Speaking
4/ 5

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