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Password Generator Pro 3.0 APK

Password Generator Pro 3.0 APK

Password Generator Pro 3.0 APK
Sunday, October 20, 2019

Generator of complex passwords from English letters, symbols and numbers.
Passwords are generated from small and large letters of the English alphabet,
numbers and symbols. The version of the application without ads

 supports the generation of one and immediately five passwords.
Passwords are from 3 to 12 characters long.
The password generator has received a global update. It was implemented:
1) Globally refined application features
2) Added new features
3) Optimized performance
4) Added application icons that have not previously worked
5) Changed password range: from 3 to 12 characters
6) added the ability to simultaneously generate 5 passwords
7) Removed when installing the application request to use the Internet
8) Appeared colors
9) Improvements and optimization

Password Generator Pro 3.0 APK
4/ 5

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