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VK Downloader MP3 APK

VK Downloader MP3 APK

VK Downloader MP3 APK
Tuesday, October 29, 2019
VK mp3 mod is a modification of the original client of the VKontakte service. In addition to all the functions of the original VK application , there are such unique functions and features as:
Sending inaccessible stickers (even paid ones if they are not bought from you - see screenshots)

Permanent online
Docking and hiding dialogs
Notifications about friends on the network when the application is running;
Notifications that your message was read while the application was running;
Notifications that someone is writing to you
Mentioning @ in conversations, like on a site

Sit online and post wall posts from iPhone and other devices (see screenshots);
Change icons and application names;
Automatic message splitting into several when forwarding more than 100 messages;
Temporary hiding of avatars and names (see screenshots)
Fine-tuning the interface
and much more, everything is customizable. If you are tired of the small functionality and boring interface in Kate Mobile and you want to try something new - feel free to try the VK mp3 mod for Android !

To enable inaccessible paid stickers, go to the Sticker Shop ,
open the Graffiti Stickers tab and select the necessary ones, then restart the application.

VK Downloader MP3 APK
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