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ChkSnd 2.2 (AdFree) + (AdFree) APK

ChkSnd 2.2 (AdFree) + (AdFree) APK

ChkSnd 2.2 (AdFree) + (AdFree) APK
Saturday, November 16, 2019
The description of ChkSnd
It is a tool to create a music video with a visual accompaniment. In a sense, it is an alternative to adobe ae, but free!

Hi, there! Good news! I'll return to development 🎊

🎉 Wait updates soon 😎
🤓 #IllBeBack #ChkSndApp #NewUpdates

ChkSnd 2.2 Update
Well done! Next update is available.

What is new?
* You can now add images, texts and spectrums as much as you want.
* All of this components are now configurable.
* More powerful spectrum features.
Also, some minor bugs are fixed.

Have enjoy!

ChkSnd 2.2 (AdFree) + (AdFree) APK
4/ 5

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