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Forgotten Memories 1.0.5 Full [Paid] Game

Forgotten Memories 1.0.5 Full [Paid] Game

Forgotten Memories 1.0.5 Full [Paid] Game
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Forgotten Memories APK has finally arrived on android. After almost 4 years of its IOS release Forgotten Memories is now finally Available on Android Devices. A premium Horror story driven adventure game from Psychose Interactive Inc. Amazing horroric atmosphere in detailed 3D Graphics. A perfect game for you if you love playing silent hills kinda games on your Android devices.

Forgotten Memories Premium Offline Horror Adventure Game Download
The gameplay is a third person search and explore kinda. In your way you will find different objectives,Consumables and even weapons. Though your ammo will be limited but you will find ammunition in your way. The controls are easy responsive. The game looks amazingly good in certain points. Forgotten Memories APK is kind of classic premium horror game you will surely enjoy.

Classic survival horror mechanics
A deep narrative and climatic psychological horror experience
Fantastic visual effects
Smooth touch controls
No in-app purchases. We don’t sell any weapons, ammunition, or anything that will impact the game experience. You will be on your own )

Requires Android: 4.4 and Up
Version: 1.0.5

Forgotten Memories 1.0.5 Full [Paid] Game
4/ 5

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