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Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness v 1.0.1 (Mod Money)

Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness v 1.0.1 (Mod Money)

Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness v 1.0.1 (Mod Money)
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Kingdom face new threat. Burning war army of ancient evil came back from lost chaos eternity to strike their foes. Whole realm is in danger of destruction by white Lord of darkness who's plan is to destroy the kingdom and plant a seed of age of infernal apocalypse. Nightmare reaper Conquer is reborn.

Collect loot, gold, items and gems.
Upgrade, craft, enhance and customize your gear. Hack your way through and slash hundreds of monster enemies! Explore the world, defeat enemies and secure a victory.
-25 different enemy minions such as undead, zombie warlord, evil watcher, stone golems,assasin ghul, blade goblin, harpy,strong orc, cyclop breaker, ogre,dead elf, kobolt mercenary, vampire, chaos werewolf, mysterious chimera, manticore, troll, skeleton knight, demons, dragon hunter, shadow beast and raven wizard summoners- 25 well designed, monumental, intense levels filled with adventure

- Highly detailed, AAA stunning, superior, high-end graphics
- Epic storyline
- Unique combat style
- Random quest raids

Name: Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness
Version: 1.0.1
Root: No

2.No Skill CD
3.Mod Menu

Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness v 1.0.1 (Mod Money)
4/ 5

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