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Share Apps 1.0.3 | Ads Removed APK

Share Apps 1.0.3 | Ads Removed APK

Share Apps 1.0.3 | Ads Removed APK
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Share Apps - is a app manager that helps Share, Uninstall, Backup and Manage.

Want to share your apps with friends? Share Apps makes it easy to share app links and is an apk sharer as well. Share with your friends by Email, Bluetooth, Whatsapp, etc.
If you are at a place where you don't have phone network connection there you can easily transfer your applications to your friends.

Share Apps is an Apk sharer and can also share links to the app's page on the play store.
Share Apps show your applications with a list, you can get a installation package directly from your memory and send it to your friends as a attachment.

1. Supports sending apps using Email, Bluetooth, Messenger or whatever app installed that allows you to do so.
2. Supports instant search to help you quickly find the app you want to send.
3. Utilizes caching for faster performance.
4. Includes app tutorial to guide you through the sharing process.
5. Allows you to send apps quickly using Bluetooth.

Important Notes:
Please make sure you have a proper redistribution right before you start sending apps.

Share Apps 1.0.3 | Ads Removed APK
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