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Visualization Video Maker 1.10.13 (AdFree) APK

Visualization Video Maker 1.10.13 (AdFree) APK

Visualization Video Maker 1.10.13 (AdFree) APK
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Required specifications:
The video creation for this app uses the device's built-in encoder. On some models (mainly devices with cheap CPUs), stable video creation may not be possible.

Output video format
- Size 360p - 1080p
- Bitrate 200 - 30,000kbps

- Preview while editing
- Unlimited image tracks
- Unlimited text tracks
- Mute/unmute each items

- Bar
- Line
- Circle
- Preset texture
- Custom image texture

Spectrum parameters
- Number of bars 10 - 256
- Peakline, Thickness
- Color, Transparency
- Texture color adjustment
- Hz range, dB range
- Position, area size

Image config
- Positoin, Size
- Color (Brightness, contrast, saturation, transparency)
- Color balance, filters

Text config
- Positoin, Size, Color
- Preset Fonts (10+, custom font is WIP)

About ads
- No ads while editing
- Banner will shown while video encoding
- Video ad will shown when output video is 720p or above or length is over 3:00

Visualization Video Maker 1.10.13 Update
- Added support for Android 10
- Modified UI layout while video creation
- UI and video creation stability fixes

Visualization Video Maker 1.10.13 (AdFree) APK
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