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Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio Video Editor 1.1 (AdFree)

Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio Video Editor 1.1 (AdFree)

Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio Video Editor 1.1 (AdFree)
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Smooth screen recorder, 1-touch screenshot capture, professional video and photo editing, that’s what you’ll experience when using our screen recorder with audio app. Leading-edge technology, bringing the ultimate in screen-recording experience.. Do not hesitate to download screen recorder with facecam app!
To get started to experience a video recording that will record while you re playing games, check out the great features of the recording app on screen!

Features of the video recording app of mobile screen
1. Video screen recorder
⋆ Record screen and audio, Facecam
⋆ Floating button helps you to record video call more conveniently
⋆ Unlimited time when record gameplay on your phone
⋆ Pause/resume while you use recording screen app
⋆ Countdown before you record games on your phone
⋆ Draw while you are shooting
2. Take a screenshot
⋆ Floating button lets you take screenshots with just 1 touch
⋆ Check your screenshot and edit, delete or share your photo through social networks
3. Edit video, full screen video editor: Crop video, add music to video, fast & slow video, merge video, …
4. Screen shot editor: mosaic, cut photo, draw on photo

Let us suggest some ideas for screen recording with internal audio
– Record screen of the video call with your lover to capture his or her lovely moments
– Record screen of the video call with your friends to troll them
– Record the screen of favorite movie’s part
– Record the screen of your idol’s MV
– Record games while you play to prove you are a talented player
– Record the screen for effective exercise
There are many other ideas you can implement with our video call recording app. Let’s start filming with our game recording app right now!

Also, we want to let you know, why you should use this screen camera recorder app.
➠ Record the screen with realistic shot & live sound with the screenshot video capture app
➠ Screen recording with facecam
➠ The floating button makes it easy to record the screen and take a screenshot in our recorder screen recorder app
➠ Extremely professional video and image editing tools in our game screen recorder with facecam app
➠ 3 seconds countdown before recording the screen in the screenshot button on screen app
➠ No time limit for screen recording in video call recorder with audio
➠ Screen recorder and video editor no root
➠ User-friendly interface of app to record videos on screen, easy to use
➠ The video call recorder app is free
➠ Screen recorder no watermark, screen recorder HD quality!

Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio Video Editor 1.1 (AdFree)
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