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Wave to Lock/Unlock 1.2 (Ad Free)

Wave to Lock/Unlock 1.2 (Ad Free)

Wave to Lock/Unlock 1.2 (Ad Free)
Saturday, December 14, 2019

The description of Wave to Lock/Unlock
Wave Unlock/Lock, allows you to unlock/lock by waving your hand over the proximity sensor
Toggle the above On/Off switch to Start/Stop the Wave Unlock/Lock Service
Lock/Unlock the screen by waving your hand/tapping over proximity sensor

Note :
Wave Unlock/Lock Service starts automatically on Reboot
For Lock Service you need to activate Admin access
To uninstall deactive admin:Settings->Security->Device Administrator

Any suggestions/bugs/features please post in comments or drop a mail : mailcodificador@gmail.com

Wave to Lock/Unlock 1.2 (Ad Free)
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